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Our Courses, under Aspiring Instructor will show you everything you need to Succeed in your Career.

Qualified Teachers

Special Courses are planned and implemented with the help of Qualified Teachers for Career Development.

Certified Training

You've to spent the time for growing your skills, and get recognized certified for the work you've done.

Online Classes

Whatever you want to study for your Career Success, we’re sure to have the right course for your Bright Future.

Competitive Investment

Invest Today in a sequence of opportunities, for your tomorrow which is competitive.

Customized Training

Customized Training provides convenient and flexible training resources when and where you need it.

Our Training

Developing a passion for learning
Teaching how to fly

Coaching Consultancy Coimbatore

Coaching Consultancy

Our approach in developing your organizational potential is guided by Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting.

Training Center Coimbatore


Training and development is a necessity today. World class Operation is possible only through Training and development.

Elearining Training Course


E learning is aimed at making your learning fun. It helps you to undergo learning process in your own relaxed time for Bright Future.

Competency Building Course

Competency Building

Building competence is sustainability.It is mandatory for organizations to change so that they sustain and stay.

Lyceum Consultancy Coimbatore

About Us

Dr.S.Narasimhan, M.S.,Ph.D is responsible for the Content delivery. He designs topics according to the requirement. He has spent nearly 2000 hrs of training in his career and trained and developed more than 750 professionls and students.With more than 30 years of experience in industry with the focus on Operations side, his passion for people developing is immaculate..

-Dr.S.Narasimhan, M.S.,Ph.DCEO at Lyceum

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